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Love is never unnatural.

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Birthdate:Sep 8

i'm just a girl, living life, moment to moment

ok, so this is where i put all about me
fangirl. slash savant. shipper of 'impossible' pairings.
i'm kind of a 'mixed-bag' kinda vibrant, kinda vivid
who loves to talk about lots of different things
the subtext OWNS me
i'm talkitive and friendly and am quite random,
yeah - i'm weird but aren't we all ;)
i probably shouldn't be reading and writing fanfiction
as much as i am
and also by the same token probably shouldn't be as obsessed with
18 year old disney channel twins as i am

(but it's the bestest funturtainment i got -
as well as way too much fandom m/m!action of course)

and with all my other objects of affection
i live for showing haters to the left
expressing myself
and having the best fun i can
life is a freak show and we're the stars
i can't really think of anything else to say right now
(which is usual for me lol)
hopes to get into the groove to make this intro
abit more interesting sassy looking ;) ...

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"love is never wrong,
and people rarely have any kind of control whatsoever
over who they fall in love with."

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